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International Cyprus Trusts

A Trust is one of the most attractive and effective ways of protecting wealth and passing it on to future generations. A Trust is a confidential identifiable legal arrangement binding a ‘Trustee’ to deal with property in a particular way for the benefit of one or more beneficiaries.

The beneficiary can be anyone who benefits from a trust and the trust deed may name the beneficiaries individually or define a class of beneficiary such as the settlor’s family.

Cyprus Law allows the removal of a trust from its jurisdiction and vice versa, thus providing the necessary flexibility in cases where change of circumstances may mean such transfers would be advantageous.

Benefits of operating a Cyprus International Trust include:

  • The income of a Cyprus International Trust is not taxable in Cyprus Dividends, interest or other income received by a Cyprus International Trust from a Cyprus company are also tax free Gains on the disposal of the assets of the trust are not subject to capital gains tax in Cyprus.
  • The Cyprus International Trust is not subject to Estate Duty in Cyprus and as such income of the trust is not taxable in Cyprus even where the settlor is a beneficiary, provided the beneficiary is not resident in Cyprus

We specialise in the creation and administration of your Cyprus International Trust to include the following service provisions:

  • Provision of Corporate Trustees.
  • Provision of Protector (if requested).
  • Opening of and administering of Trustee Bank accounts.
  • Maintaining Trustee assets on behalf of the Trust.
  • Maintaining and liaising with investment brokers on all investments controlled by the Trust.

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