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Fiduciary & Nominee

Provision of Professional Directors

In order for clients to be able to enjoy the tax benefits associated with registering a company in Cyprus, it should be evident that the management and control of their company is in Cyprus. A key factor in determining this requirement is whether the directors are resident in Cyprus and the management decisions of the company are taken in Cyprus.

Topcare Corporate Services Limited can provide professional directorship services to companies who wish to benefit from the Cypriot tax regime and can provide companies with either corporate or individual directors.

Provision of Shareholders

The Cypriot legal regime allows anonymity to owners of shares who do not wish to appear as registered shareholders of the company. Topcare Corporate Services Limited can provide nominee shareholder services, whilst the actual ownership of the shares rests with the beneficial owners.

Provision of Secretary

Topcare Corporate Services Limited can provide secretarial services to companies. The secretary shall maintain the company’s statutory registers and records in accordance with the standards imposed by the laws of Cyprus and shall prepare and file all statutory forms, resolutions, annual returns with the Registrar of Companies.

Provision of Registered Office

Topcare Corporate Services Limited can provide our client companies with a registered office in Cyprus in case they do not maintain their own offices. If a client requires further substance to this address, we are able to provide a fully furnished and functioning office.

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